Wave Pool & Outdoor Pool Rules

Our goal is to create an aquatic environment that is both fun and safe for you and your family. In designing the following rules and regulations we are asking for your help and cooperation in abiding by and enforcing them.

Please note during the summer season (through Labor Day):

Please note during school vacation weeks:

  • Daily Wave Pool Passes are not sold to the public.

Indoor Wave Pool Hours: 
Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 10:00pm | Sunday - Thursday 8:00am to 9:00pm

Rainbow Falls Outdoor Pool Hours: 
Daily from 9:00am to 9:00pm | Adult only swim 8:00am to 9:00am & 8:00pm - 9:00pm

  • Please note winter/spring hours of operation are Sunday-Thursday, 8am-9pm and Friday-Saturday 8am-10pm. Holidays and Vacation weeks will be exceptions.
  • Wristband colors change daily at 11:30a.m. and are available at the Front Desk.
  • Proper attire is required, please wear shoes and appropriate swimsuit cover-up at all times while walking through Resort's hallways, lobbies and restaurants.
  • On the day of your departure, the pool is available to you until the designated closing time that morning only. Due to our 11:00am check out policy, use of the pool after 11:00am on the day of your departure is prohibited.

Pool Rules

  • Coolers or displays of alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool areas
  • Food of any sort is not allowed in the pool areas at anytime.
  • Glass containers are not permitted in the pool areas at any time.
  • Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older) when using the facility an adult MUST remain inside the pool areas at ALL times. 1 adult must accompany every 5 children.
  • Balls, Boogie Boards, Water Noodles, or Inflatable devices, other than water wings and sewn-in bathing suit rings, are not permitted under any circumstances in the pools.
  • Running, jumping, diving, chicken fights, shoulder play or body throwing is not allowed at our facility at any time.
  • Children MUST be either toilet trained or in “Swim diapers” to go into the pools. Disposable diapers are not permitted at any of our pools. Swim diapers are available from Lifeguards.

Slide Rules

  • Sliders must be 42” or taller to ride the slides.
  • Eyeglasses may not be worn during ride.
  • Spectators are not permitted on stairs or in splash down pool. Waiting for a child in the splashdown pool in NOT permitted; lifeguard in splashdown pool is for safety purposes only.
  • One rider at a time permitted down the slide. If your child cannot swim to stairs on their own, they may NOT ride the slide.
  • Life jackets, water wings or any type of inflatable device are not allowed on slides
  • Proceed feet first, lying on your back only. Do not sit up in slide at anytime during your ride.
  • Running into, kneeling, rotating, tumbling or stopping on slide is prohibited.

Hot Tub Rules

  • You must be 14 years of age and accompanied by an adult (18+) to use the hot tub.
  • Please refrain from inappropriate displays of affection in the hot tubs remember that we are a family resort.

Fitness Room Rules

  • Hours 5:00am – 10:00pm
  • Fitness Room is reserved for persons 16 years of age or older, there are no exceptions.

**Please be advised that our pool attendants and lifeguards will be carefully monitoring the number of bathers in the pools at a given time. If the number of bathers exceeds that of a safe swimming environment, the attendant may temporarily clear the water. Please remember that the health and safety of our guests is our primary concern and we will take the steps necessary to ensure that neither is compromised at any time. **

In the event of an "accident" in the pools, we are required by law to immediately clear the pool for proper clean up. The pool will remain closed until cleanup is completed in a satisfactory manner which may take an indefinite amount of time. The hotel management is not responsible for any loss of pool use time. Compensation of any form will not be made under any circumstances related to this matter.

The staff at The Cape Codder Resort thanks you in advance for your cooperation.