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Travel to Cape Cod by Andrea Poe,
Journalist who covers travel, adoption and business issues around the globe

I have brought my eight-year-old daughter to Cape Cod in the hope of introducing her to a place I loved as a child. While the sea continues to eat away at its beaches and locals bemoan development pressures, the soul of Cape Cod remains very much the same as it has for hundreds of years.

'MobFellas': Crime time at dinnertime

Written by Johanna Crosby      
Between dinner and dessert mob boss Carmine Pelagatti gets whacked and it's the audience's job to guess the motive for murder and the killer's identity by evening's end.

The Cape Codder Resort & Spa's dinner theater is back again this season and offers a fun way to escape the winter doldrums for a few hours with laughs and a delectable dinner buffet. Last Saturday's offering, Mystery Cafe's interactive murder/mystery comedy “MobFellas" by Scott Sand and Charlotte Dore, forewarns the audience to “leave the gun, take the cannelloni.”

Stetson has the power to uncloud men’s minds

Written by Johanna Crosby, Barnstable Patriot

SLY GUY – What do Jon Stetson and Santa Claus have in common? They know what you’ve been thinking.

Mentalist entertains at Cape Codder resort

Psychic Jon Stetson's greatest ability may not be getting into people's heads and reading their minds. It's knowing how to grab the attention of an audience and hold them rapt for almost two hours.

The 18 Essential Cape and Islands Hotels

November 11, 2013, by Jazmine Donaldson, Curbed

In today's new release of Curbed's Hotel 18 map, we're once again tackling the question, "Where should I stay on the Cape and Islands?