Spurn the snow with dinner and a show at Cape Codder

Contributed by John Watters, Barstable Patriot
February 02, 2012

If you're getting a wee bit tired of hanging around the house on Saturday night, you might want to check out the annual winter entertainment series at the Cape Codder Resort on Route 132 in Hyannis.

Where all the flakes are on the stage

If you’re getting a wee bit tired of hanging around the house on Saturday night, you might want to check out the annual winter entertainment series at the Cape Codder Resort on Route 132 in Hyannis. It’s three solid months of assorted Friday and Saturday night comedy shows, hypnotists, magicians, musical reviews and interactive theater. The performers are all nationally and regionally known entertainers, and the evening’s package can be combined with a very nice buffet dinner for a complete night out.

Last Saturday, the Cape Codder hosted the hilariously funny World Gone Crazy Band in their Emerald Room nightclub. WGCB is the perfect high-energy mix of music and comedy, relishing making fun of the hot topics in the news. Led by drummer and producer Gary “Drumschtick” Marino, with guitarist Peter Rebel, Zanna on keyboards, and singing comedian Michael Coleman fronting, the band put on a raucous 90-minute rock/comedy show that had the audience in stitches throughout the night.

Coleman starts the evening off with his Ha Ha Blues Song, in which he laughs his way through a blues standard. He then switches to ventriloquism; with a big smile and his lips not moving (much) he welcomes everybody to an evening of fun.

Coleman does a priceless impression of ‘60s rocker Jim Morrison of the Doors singing nursery rhymes. He does Sean Connery singing Aerosmith. Particularly funny are his garbled impressions of many aged rockers performing on The Miracle Ear's Incoherent Tour. 

WGCB pokes fun of everything from Depends diapers to erectile dysfunction to the Taliban. Their ending tune, "Stairway to 7-11," which might not be quite so politically correct, is incredibly funny.

All of the performers have their moments to shine and the show zipped by without an intermission. I'm sure tickets for their return performance at the Cape Codder on April 28 will be selling fast.

The resort hotel's line up has a night of laughs with Comedy on the Road Feb. 4 and 25th featuring comedians who have performed on the stages of Leno and Letterman. On Feb. 11 The Sound of Legends will feature covers of Sinatra, Tom Jones, Ricky Nelson, Patsy Cline, Karen Carpenter and others.

Feb 17 will bring Magic Dave, one of Boston’s best magicians. The next night Feb. 18 Jon Stetson, Psychic Comedian will be picking your brains for laughs.

On March 3, a comic act called The Raging Parent, showcases the talents of Brian Powers as he looks at life and family. On Friday March 9 the unique interactive show Trial of Love asks the audience to be the jury to real live couples work."Nothing is scripted, nothing is planned and anything can happen," reads the promo material.

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, the show that been a perennial favorite at the Cape Codder, the interactive play Finnigan's Wake, stokes some great Irish fun. The following weekend, March 24, Mass Hysteria, the Musical pokes fun at all of Boston politicos including parodies of Mitt Romney singing “Oh What a Beautiful Mormon and Whitey Bulger and Lizzy Borden singing a rendition of "No More Mudder."

On March 31, Whose Dinner Is it Anyway? is a night of improv game show shenanigans like Whose Line Is It Anyway, featuring The Speed of Thought Players. On April 28, laughter and amazement will greet perennial Cape Cod fave Frank Santos, the comic hypnotist, as he gets people to do things they might not do on their own.

The evening packages can include a sumptuous buffet or you can just take in the show. For tickets or for information, contact the Cape Codder at 508-771-3000 or 888-297-2200.