Keep The Kids Busy During Winter Break!

Face Painting at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa

Anyone who has children or who has been around children for an extended period of time knows that if you don't proactively schedule activities (especially during winter months), the energy kids have is bound to come out in one way or another. Instead of Johnny climbing ice covered trees or dismantling your bathroom scale because he's bored, maybe you should take less than 5 minutes to read our thoughts. We have a few great ideas that will keep the kids busy during winter break. 

Water Park Wonderland

If you're one of our loyal guests, you already know the magic our indoor water park brings to families that need to expel some pent up energy. Kids play for hours in our indoor water park and voila - just like magic - energy is zapped and the kids fall asleep with ease. That leaves you with a couple of hours to zen out and relax after an all-too-busy holiday season. Plus, let's be honest. Instead of leaving them in front of video games for hours, this gives them some much needed exercize during a season when exercize options are limited.

Winter Break Activities for our Guests

We have a number of winter break activities already planned for our families who are on Winter Break during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. From face painting to holiday movies all ready to roll, we've got you covered. Are you an animal ambassador? Well, we've even got activities for you. Love balloon bending? We've got you covered. For those who are interested, for an additional fee (fees vary depending on selections you choose), we even have our Wishkers Workshop. Here, your child will select an animal "body" to stuff and customize to his or her choosing and they get to take the finished product home with them. Additionally, clothing for the stuffed animal are also available for purchase. 

Resort Arcade

We know video games aren't the ideal for hours and hours of time, but we also know that your children will start to get the itch. Especially after walking past our arcade a number of times, they're going to want to play the claw machine or any number of other games we have. There are also prizes available when the family is finished in the arcade. Or, wait until your stay is over and turn everything in at the same time for a bigger prize!

With all of the options available at Cape Codder Resort & Spa to keep the kids active, it's hard to say no. There's certainly plenty to do! Oh, don't forget that if the weather allows, our outdoor heated pool is open too! Do you dare take the plunge? Take advantage of our Family Value Package and make it a mini-getaway for a couple of nights! Click here to check rates or book now!