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Getting around Cape Cod, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Discover the Beauty of Cape Cod

Experience the quintessential charm of Cape Cod's seaside towns, indulge in fresh seafood, and discover rich history and culture while staying at Cape Codder Resort & Spa.
Cape Cod Beaches, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Beaches

Cape Cod is home to some of the best beaches in the US, with more than 500 miles of coastline. From the calm waters of the bay to the waves of the ocean, there's a beach for everyone. Cape Codder is only 35 miles away from Marconi Beach. 
Distance: 34.5 mi
Head-of-the-Meadow Beach, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Head-of-the-Meadow Beach

Located in Truro, Head-of-the-Meadow Beach boasts scenic views and tranquil waves, making it an ideal spot for surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.
Distance: 44.7 mi
Cape Cod Canal, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Canal

The Cape Cod Canal is a man-made waterway that connects Cape Cod and Buzzards Bays. The canal offers stunning views, fishing opportunities, and recreational activities like biking and walking.
Distance: 12.9 mi
Thornton W. Burgess Museum and Green Briar Nature Center, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Thornton W. Burgess Museum and Green Briar Nature Center

The Thornton W. Burgess Museum and Green Briar Nature Center offer visitors a glimpse into the natural world of Cape Cod through exhibits, gardens, and educational programs.
Distance: 10.9 mi
Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary

The Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellfleet is a nature-lover's paradise with hiking trails, a butterfly garden, and opportunities to spot native wildlife in their natural habitat.
Distance: 3.3 mi
Wild Animal Lagoon, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Wild Animal Lagoon

Wild Animal Lagoon is a fun-filled miniature golf course located in South Yarmouth, featuring 18 holes and animal-themed obstacles. Perfect for a family outing.
Distance: 3.0 mi
Sandwich State Fish Hatchery, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Sandwich State Fish Hatchery

Sandwich State Fish Hatchery is a unique conservation facility in Sandwich, , dedicated to the propagation and preservation of trout species and offering educational programs on freshwater fisheries.
Distance: 12.1 mi
Corn Hill Beach, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Corn Hill Beach

Corn Hill Beach is a beautiful beach located in Cape Cod, known for its calm waters, soft sand, and stunning sunsets.
Distance: 42.9 mi
Highland Light, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Highland Light

Highland Lighthouse, also known as Cape Cod Light, is an iconic lighthouse located in Truro, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.
Distance: 43.7 mi
Macmillan Wharf, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Macmillan Wharf

Located in Provincetown, MacMillan Wharf is a popular spot for fishing charters and ferries to Boston and Nantucket, and offers scenic views of the harbor.
Distance: 50.3 mi