Just Another Psychic Monday

Jon Stetson the Mentalist at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa

August 2011 by Liz Sherman, InsideOUT Cape Cod
Monday nights just got a little more interesting thanks to mentalist and psychic-to-the-stars Jon Stetson

Monday nights just got a little more interesting thanks to mentalist and psychic-to-the-stars Jon Stetson, who wields his out-of-this-world talents at a “Ladies Only Psychic Party” held at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis.

“You might be asking yourselves, why ladies only?” Stetson says to the crowd of wine-drinking women. “It’s simple. Sans-mate, you are better able to tap into your intuition and psychic ability without fear of judgment.”

The two-hour session, Stetson explains, is all about fun—but it’s also about discovering the psychic in all of us. 

Clad in a crisp beige suit, the charismatic Stetson wastes no time selecting women from the audience to participate in what he calls “psychic tests.”

“Pick a four-digit number and picture it in your mind,” Stetson charges one audience member. “Now change all four digits.”

After the participant jots down the number (and shares it with the audience only), Stetson guesses the four digits correctly, eliciting a wave of smiles from the audience.  

As the evening progresses, Stetson continues to demonstrate his unique brand of psychic entertainment with individual readings. One attendee is so emotionally overwhelmed she bursts out of the room.

Stetson, after a quiet moment says, “Sometimes it happens. It can be overwhelming.”

Later, women place personal objects in identical sealed envelopes and Stetson, picking up each, identifies the owner and her unique motivation for placing the object in the envelope. 

“I came here a skeptic,” said one attendee, “but I leave a believer. I had a blast with my girlfriends and I feel more in tune with myself.”

Stetson has worked with celebrities, presidents, kings and CEOs in more than 25 countries.

The “Ladies Only Psychic Party” offers a unique chance to experience Stetson in a small-group setting. Grab a few girlfriends and a bottle of wine and come be amazed.

If you go:

The Cape Codder Resort

Route 132 Hyannis

At 7 p.m., through Aug. 29

Tickets: $25