Get Ready For Granny and Grampa - No Rocking Chairs, Please

by Michelle Haynes, Cape Air, Bird's Eye View, Early Spring 2018

Get Ready for Granny and Grampa - No Rocking Chairs, Please
Couples of all Stripes and Persuasions, singles, girlfriend getaways and seniors: There is a travel category for whatever floats your boat. And jumping into the market are Baby Boomer grandparents. According to Forbes magazine, multigenerational travel (grandparents) consistently tops the lists as one of the most popular travel trends. Google "grandparent travel," and there is no shortage of specialty travel catering to doting grandparents with kids in tow.

Cape Cod is no exception with one of the region's most popular resorts offering a "come on down" to grandparents and the kids. The Cape Codder Resort & Spa in the town of Barnstable offers a gigantic Water Park attraction that will keep the kids wet and happy for hours. The "Grandparents RULE!" package includes accommodations for one night with a choice of room or family suite, a welcome gift for each child, admission to both the indoor Water Park and the Rainbow Falls heater outdoor pool, which is open year round. Also included are vouchers for the on-site restaurant and arcade and a free t-shirt for the kids. Lots more at

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