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3 Ways To Keep The Kids Busy and Keep Your Sanity

Activities for kids

While we certainly don't want to make light of our current situation, sometimes a little levity can help with all of the heaviness that surrounds us currently. One of the things likely weighing heavy on your minds is the fact that you may be working from home with children that you have to care for simultaneously. While many kids are taking advantage of e-learning days, you still have to manage the logistics of it all - and we know that's no easy task while still working. So, we wanted to come up with some ideas that might help lighten your load in the coming days/weeks.

Keep The Kids Busy During Winter Break!

Face Painting at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa

Anyone who has children or who has been around children for an extended period of time knows that if you don't proactively schedule activities (especially during winter months), the energy kids have is bound to come out in one way or another. Instead of Johnny climbing ice covered trees or dismantling your bathroom scale because he's bored, maybe you should take less than 5 minutes to read our thoughts. We have a few great ideas that will keep the kids busy during winter break. 

Cape Codder Resort - 3 Reasons To Say Yes To A Cape Cod Winter Wonderland

Enchanted Village at Cape Codder

It's that time of year! We're just a couple of short weeks away from the Cape Codder Resort being transformed into a winter wonderland. If you're a resident of Cape Cod, this has likely become a family tradition for you. If you're from somewhere else in the world, wow! Do we have a show for you! Cape Cod winters can be a beautiful sight to see. If you're thinking of flying in, but are worried about the drive, don't fret! We have a regional airport less than 2 miles away from our resort. Interested in checking flights?

Fall Fun For The Kids

Themed Weekends at the Cape Codder

The chill in the air is here and we all know what that means. Less and less time for the kids to run around and get all of that excess energy out. We have some fantastic ideas that will help get rid of that energy while creating lasting memories at the same time. 

Get Away With The Girls - Girl's Overnight Getaway Package

Girl's Overnight Getaway Package

There are a number of benefits of taking time to get away with the girls. By the end of this blog, we hope you're ready to take the splash and book your Girl's Getaway at Cape Codder Resort & Spa. How long has it been since you've taken a breather? A step away from the ordinary, whether you consider them stresses or blessings can be good to rejuvinate your life and provide you renewed energy. The Girl's Overnight Getaway Package was created with all of you ladies in mind.

3 Ways to Visit Cape Cod on a Budget

Cape Cod Trolley

It's that time of year again. School is out and families all over the US are looking for ways to escape for a few days. If you were to ask many of these families if they'd like to go to Cape Cod, they would respond with a resiliant "YES!" So what stops them from coming to our part of the world? Cape Cod has a reputation for being expensive during peak season - and it can be - but you can also find creative ways to keep your vacation more affordable. One of the reasons we have so much on-site is to make things more affordable for our families.

Whale Watching On Cape Cod

Whale on Cape Cod

If you're like many people, you think whale watching is done from a boat in the middle of Alaskan waters. While the whale watching there is certainly majestic, it's equally so here in our home - Cape Cod! Stay at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa and your whale-watching excursion is just a short drive from our resort. 

Cape Cod... What images does this conjure up? Quaint cottages along the seashore? Flowers blooming in spring? Parks and museums dedicated to the Kennedy's? All of that is absolutely true - but there's more to Cape Cod than just that.

Mother's Day Bliss

Mothers Day on Cape Cod

Mother's Day just conjures up images of flowers and family surrounding matriarchal figures with love. This Mother's Day should be no different and we've got some pretty great gift ideas up our sleeve to make your gift buying just a little bit easier. Mother's Day gifts involve thought and consideration to the hard work, dedication, loyalty and support that moms all over the US provide their children. One day a year just to celebrate the gift of mothers isn't too much to ask. So what do we have in mind to make mom's day just a little more special? We're so glad you asked.

5 Reasons to Visit Hyannis in Spring

Whale Watching

Groundhog Day was earlier this month and Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, which, as the legend goes, means we’re in for early spring! Let’s hope his prediction was right. In the meantime, February is a great month to start planning your spring getaway on Cape Cod! While the area swells to full capacity in the heat of the summer, experienced tourists and locals know that spring on the Cape bustles with the energy of renewal and offers the benefit of smaller crowds.

Hyannis: The Perfect Spring Wedding Destination

Dreaming of a spring wedding destination that exudes classic Cape Cod charm? Consider Hyannis, Massachusetts. Located within the town of Barnstable, Hyannis has long been considered the “heart” of Cape Cod. The picturesque village boasts beautiful sandy beaches, historic sites, a charming downtown Main Street, museums, seaside art shanties, and ample opportunities to get out on the water. Visit once and it’ll be clear why the Kennedy family spent their summers at their iconic coastal residence in Hyannis Port.